Brown Bulletin Cover Story

As an FBH team member, I can first testify to the great difficulty we have experienced in getting media coverage for our project. It's not that people aren't interested, or that the story's not newsworthy. It's just the very important detail that porn is pornography and that 50 percent of Christian men and 20 percent of Christian women are dealing with a addiction to it. If a news source validates the problem with a story, a blog entry, or some other "published" mention, they are tacitly agreeing with the statistics and sadly don't really want the heat in their backyard.

Enter the Brown Bulletin, the alumni magazine of John Brown University. Their Summer 2008 issue features the Freedom Begins Here story as their cover story. Check it out.

(In all fairness, seven of our team members are JBU alumni. However, the weight of the story and subject matter required more than just an editorial gut check -- I believe it was a display of courage in the epic battle of helping the Bride of Christ, His Church, prepare Herself for the coming Bridegroom. Thanks for being so brave!)

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