I'm Not Hurting Anyone

Fox News recently did an article entitled, “8 Signs Your Partner Is Addicted to Porn” written by FOXSexpert, Yvonne K. Fulbright. Sexpert? Huh?! Anyway… the article reads more like “Is he cheating on me?” and less like “Is he, she, or even AM I Addicted?”

What I found most intriguing is the blog connected to the article… entry upon entry of placating a behavior that wounds. It wounds us, and the ones we love. One of the defensive responses that we hear when we breach the topic of porn and sexual addiction is that it doesn’t hurt anyone. I think anyone who has struggled with this can recall the inner voice of “reason” explaining the “coping-method” concept, the “not-a-physical-affair” argument, or even the “it-will-help-my-relationship” justification. It’s just NOT true. The pain of pornography IS real. So who does it hurt… REALLY?

Homo simul iustus et peccator :: Mercy, not condemnation

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