My Space.... a Gateway to another dimension

We all know the effect social networking has had on our culture. Everyone and their mother (literally) is now able to have an online presence... What does your presence look like? We are so naive to think that the pictures we put online are only viewed by our friends. Think about the images you're making available to the world... and to people that could potentially be struggling with an addiction to pornography that could be triggered by a "revealing image." It seems like everywhere you look there are triggers and I have a suspicion that while the majority are supposed to act as triggers, many are not.

If you have a Facebook, or Myspace, or any other online presence please take a moment and think about how you're presenting yourself. Be a light to those in dark places...

I mean, who honestly likes clicking on a link to a myspace page and then waiting 5 minutes just to see half naked pictures of some random person? All you wanted to do was see if you knew the person, right? And what's up with all those "rear shots" used in spam friend invites? There are at least 3 a day that I have to mark as spam. Sex might sell in advertising, but if you ask me, sex is killing social networking!

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