Set Free Summit

I will be leaving Sunday, April 3, for Greensboro, NC, for a conference helping others to find freedom from porn.  This is a national conference that is bringing about 800 individuals from churches and other organizations, with the goal to address the issue of porn in the church today.   


I will be using this time to connect with other leaders and help distribute the resources of Freedom Begins Here. My hope and prayer is to ignite church leaders to use the Freedom Begins Here resources to help “start the conversation” around this difficult subject.   I have brought over 400 resources to give away free to interested leaders that want to help others find freedom.  Also, I would like to learn more about what others are doing to address this issue and grow in my understanding.   


How can you help me in this time?  Please pray that I will be able to share with other leaders how to address this issue in their churches.  My hope is to connect with individuals who are committed to addressing this issue in their community with the grace of Jesus.   This is a huge opportunity for all of us who are committed to do this to come together and make an impact to change lives. Another prayer request is that I will be able to give away all of the resources that I am taking to the summit.   


I am committed to help other leaders bring individuals to freedom around this issue.   Below is a letter that I will be handing out to leaders that get free resources:


Dear Church Leader,


One of the most critical issues that is facing the church today is getting individuals to admit they are struggling in the area of sexual addiction/pornography.   Freedom Begins Here Devotional Journal has been used by individuals and in small groups and has proven to help men “start the conversation” around this difficult issue.   As each individual navigates this sin/struggle, they come to understand they are not alone and there are solutions to gain freedom from it.   


Below is a quote from a pastor who has taken numerous individuals through this struggle:


“Freedom Begins Here has made a lasting impact, changing many men and marriages in our church. Many of the men who participated in the small groups have found a greater freedom from sexual immorality. More importantly, they found a greater revelation on how to honor God and themselves.”


Christopher Mark,

Connections Pastor

Lighthouse Christian Church, Rosemount, MN


Here is an encouraging reflection from a counselor that is utilizing FBH material:


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support and the fine materials your ministry has provided for the purpose of overcoming porn and sex addiction. I am a Christian therapist in Austin, TX, and I have been using Freedom Begins Here with clients for three years now.  As a marriage counselor, porn issues are a common conversation in the room with couples having marriage issues.  As I also work with single men, many of them have intimacy problems due to the shame cycle of pornography. I have used your materials to run groups for my male clients to supplement both marriage work and personal recovery.  It has helped my men to overcome their personal struggles and also aided in the healing process for their spouses. Many of my clients have told me just that. So, grace and peace to you in this holiday season, and please keep the wonderful materials coming!


Darrell Ragland, MA, LPC                                

Pflugerville, TX


As you consider addressing this issue, please review the resources you have been given.  Freedom Begins Here wants to help you navigate this difficult subject, so please contact me.


Brent Barrowcliff, Executive Director


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