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How to introduce the personal tool kit to a person

My husband and I are going through a trying time in our marriage. I have considered leaving but at the same time I am just not ready to give up on him. I have confronted him about his activities on the computer and the activities at night while everyone is asleep. I have seen with my own eyes the sites he has been on, profiles that have been made and I caught him in the act many of nights when he thought i was sleeping and when asked what he was doing all he could say is nothing,you dont know what you saw,i never heard of it, i dont know who it could be wasn't me and many more. He has finally admitted to all of the above mentioned when I asked him one night about an email account i find on my computer and he tried to deny it until i told him that this email account and his primary email account were linked together and i found and was able to long onto one of his profiles that had all of his credentials and what he was looking for. At first he didn't want to believe me and tried to give me the same excuse until i told him i would log on to the profile and email account and let him see for himself and he didn't want me to. He told me he would seek counseling through his job but only a little effort has been made and the pamphlet still layes on my kitchen table where he can see it and it has been there since he brought it home and he said he could quit cold turkey and he has strong will power to stay away. I have started my personal counselling with my minister to help me with the healing process of my hurt and betrayal and the forgiveness that i need to allow in my heart so i can be ready to be there for him when he chooses to believe he has an addiction and that he needs some guidance through this. So now there is my story and here is my question, I have purchased the personal tool kit ater watching the promo video and i found it for me very very helpful. If my husband feels there is nothing wrong, everything will blow over without any help of any kind and i just need to get over it. What will be the best way to introduce this personal tool kit to him and how will i ask him to do it with me? I dont know how to go about any of it any suggestions would be appreciated and helpful.

A Safe Place

I am so thankful for my church's recovery ministry! It IS a safe place and is such a blessing. To have a place where you can share your experiences, the bad as well as the good, without fear, blame and shame is what Christ and his disciples lived and died for. My brothers and sisters there help so much to keep my gaze ever upward and my heart open to His leading. Through share groups and a 12-step group whose brothers went deep, both in revealing our deepest hurts and encouraging each other's progress, my walk has narrowed taking me closer to Him. We are soon to begin a Freedom Begins Here Devotional study group; I am looking forward to it.

We had Rick Dimmmit speak and Rush of Fools lead worship and share with us last month - it was a powerful time. I send thanks and encouragement to each of you and your ministry. I pray that hurting people are led to safe places like my recovery ministry so that they can experience the forgiveness and healing that I have.