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What's your greatest fear about admitting your struggle with porn?

It seems like everyone I talk to is willing to acknowledge that pornography is a problem in our society, especially in the church. Strangely enough, few of those same people are willing to admit that pornography is their problem.

Whether you are currently struggle, or have a historical battle with the addictive nature of pornography, it's time to be transparent and honest about this 800 lbs gorilla that in the room with you.

If you are concerned that a spouse is going to find out, then "man up" and talk to your spouse about it. Nothing like a little transparency and humble confession. Sure, your spouse may be really mad, disappointed, hurt, etc. What did you think she will do when you admit to looking at silicon-laded, airbrushed pics on the web? Come clean. Don't make excuses. Don't blame her. There are gonna be some consequences. But freedom for you, for your marriage, for your family, for worth it.

Still afraid? Talk about it, right here.