No Wonder

It's no wonder most churches will not help people with sexual addictions. They refuse to acknowledge that such a thing could exist in their community of worshipers. What bothers me most is when you talk about issues of lust. Most of any congregation will tell they don't struggle with that. There's not a single man, in any church. That can say they never looked at a woman lustfully. Yet, they tell their mothers, wives, and daughters that lust is not an issue with them. What a lie! Holiness doesn't mean excellence, it means perfection. I'm not perfect, they're not perfect. They should stop the lies and acknowledge that we are not only capable of sexual sin, but have already committed it in one form or another. We must continually pray for one another, and bath ourselves in scripture.

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March 18, 2013

Until the Church becomes honest about these issues, the Church will not see revival, in my opinion. No wonder the world is disgusted with so much about the church as are many believers. We must be relevant. We must be honest. We must be real. And, we must start with ourselves.

Many leaders believe that their honesty about imperfection would ruin their false image and drive members away. Well, maybe so. But it would also draw many more to the church because the world is so hungry for honest, humble, forgiving, and compassionate churches.

Let that begin with me and with you, not tomorrow, but today!

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