Civil Discourse

Do you think we need to hear more in church about having civil discourse when we talk to those who have opposite opinions than the church as a whole might have? Especially on hot button social issues such as abortion and to listen to the other side to hear what they think and why they think it...not to argue, but to listen...we may not agree, but can't we be kind and loving and courteous even to those we disagree with? Maybe stating our view without arguing or condemning someone that thinks differently, though we still hold our view, would go a lot further than demonizing them. Do you think we need to hear more on this?




March 18, 2013

Definitely. Last week I was in Las Vegas and saw a “Christian” standing on the street corner yelling scripture at people who walked by. He was obviously not interested in hearing anyone else’s point of view. You can’t listen when you’re yelling.


March 18, 2013

I agree with Rick that to often in church we are not taught on how to engage people of differing opinions. As followers of Christ being able to communicate with all types people with different backgrounds is important. So, yes we need to be taught on how to hold discussions with people that think differently than us. Thanks Rick!

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